Nova Wellness Center holds Patient Appreciation Day

by Nova Wellness Center

Nova Wellness Center has honoured some patients and members as part of activities to mark our 10th Anniversary. This occasion provided an opportunity to express gratitude and honor the patients and members who have been instrumental in the clinic’s success over the years.

Founder’s Appreciation: A Heartfelt Message from Dr. Naa Asheley Ashietey

Dr. Naa Asheley Ashietey, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nova Wellness Center expressed her deep appreciation for the unwavering support of past and current patrons. She acknowledged that their loyalty and trust have played a vital role in the remarkable growth of the clinic throughout the past decade.

Future Endeavors: Expanding to Kumasi

Dr. Ashietey shared exciting news about Nova Wellness Center’s future endeavors. She revealed plans to open a new branch in Kumasi, catering to the healthcare needs of the Ashanti region and the northern sector of Ghana. This expansion reflects the clinic’s commitment to reach and positively impact a wider community, offering exceptional chiropractic and holistic wellness services.

From Chiropractic Adjustments to Holistic Wellness: Nova Wellness Center’s Evolution

Founded in 2013, Nova Wellness Center initially focused on providing chiropractic adjustments to help individuals manage pain and recover from spine-related injuries, all without resorting to drugs or surgery. Over time, the center has transformed into an integrative and holistic wellness destination, incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovative natural protocols to support individuals in achieving optimal well-being.

Enhancing Lives: Positive Impact and Individualized Care

Through the integration of traditional chiropractic techniques with modern advancements, Nova Wellness Center has positively impacted the lives of over five thousand patients. By prioritizing individualized care and fostering a healing environment, the clinic has not only enhanced outcomes but also improved the overall well-being of its patients.

Testimonial: Mr. Patrick Nomo’s Transformative Experience

Mr. Patrick Nomo, a loyal member of Nova Wellness Center, attests to the transformative experience he has had with the clinic.

He shared, “I have been receiving care from the Nova Wellness Center for about eight years. My experience with the center has been fantastic. It has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle. The regular adjustments help me prevent degeneration of health issues related to the spine, the nervous and immune systems. The center is always my first place of call when I experience health issues.”

A Decade of Empowering Our Community: The 10th Anniversary Theme

To mark this significant milestone, Nova Wellness Center has chosen the theme “A Decade of Empowering Our Community to Live Anew through Excellent Service and Innovation.” This theme perfectly encapsulates the clinic’s dedication to providing outstanding care, empowering individuals to embrace their well-being journeys, and introducing innovative approaches to holistic health.

Yearlong Celebrations: Engaging the Community and Giving Back

As part of the yearlong 10th-anniversary celebrations, Nova Wellness Center has lined up various activities. These include a Health Walk, a Health Lecture Tour, and an upcoming Monumental Gift unveiling at the Nyame Dua Children’s Home in Accra. These events aim to engage the community, raise awareness about health and wellness, and give back to society.

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