Graphic holds wellness programme for staff

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• (Mrs) Naa Ashele Dordor (front), CEO, Nova Chiropractic Health Centre, educating GCGL staff about the human spinal system at a health talk. Picture: EMMANUEL ASAMOAH ADDAI.

The Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) has organised a chiropractic and wellness programme for its staff in Accra.
The programme, which included a health talk, massage sessions and posture sessions, was aimed at inculcating in the employees the culture of wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

GCGL staff thronged the training room to get their spines checked and to learn about correct sitting postures to ensure healthy spines.

Pay attention to employees

Speaking at the event, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nova Chiropractic Health Centre, Dr Mrs Naa Asheley Dordor, tasked employers to pay particular attention to the working environment of their staff such as making sure they provided working chairs which were in alignment to the spine.

She observed that most employees had been sitting behind the computers for more than eight hours daily, adding that it was, therefore, paramount for organisations to pay particular attention to the kind of working chairs they provided to the workers.

“If you don’t maintain a proper posture when you work, it will in turn cause spinal challenges which will impose high medical bills on the company,” she said.

Dr Dordor underscored the need for companies to engage in chiropractic training because it would decrease sick leave days which most employees took as a result of spinal issues because of bad sitting habits.

Incorporate chiropractic

Dr Dordor called on the management of organisations to incorporate chiropractic care into the routines of the organisations to ensure that their staff were healthy to increase productivity, adding that companies should establish corporate wellness centres to take care of the chiropractic needs of the workers.

She stressed the fact that stress was harmful and led to low productivity on the part of employees.

She, therefore, called on employees to incorporate stress management techniques in their work and homes to help them deal with the challenge.

Source: Daily Graphic

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